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Information regarding the dealer
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 About two

It belongs to the website nın distributee (henceforth referred to as the site) and the sale price down do electronic siparişini satın alınması / sale / product qualifications in connection with the consumer protection law and about and deliver on the date of 06.03.2011 27866 sayılı couldn sayılı official newspaper "and published aloofer contracts regulation provisions and all other legal regulations and practices to identify the mutual rights and obligations in accordance with the parties hereby Turkey.

Product / Service features three

3.1The sale price, model, color, gender, genre, ürünün/lerin amount of information, delivery is as follows. Here's the thing.

Ürün/ürünlerin Cargo delivered via the company outlined above will be held out the recipient's address. Not even out the recipient's address to the situation right now in full and thorough as fulfilled as acts of will be accepted. Therefore, take out the recipient's product to product with any damages arising from late in the cargo shipping company and / or have waited for his extradition to the drain caused distributee will endure.

The cargo fee: In order to add to the bills unless the price point site or cargo and it is paid by customers in total. It doesn't include the price the product.

3.2Form of payment: (Read the instructions below) process... installment credit card.
There are few of the total payments of up to your bank, in order to deliver what information the department.

Due to be done about banks, credit cards with just distributee tedavisine sales, with interest and default interest rates, according to information about the legislation also confirms that the bank interest and default interest provisions in place provisions related to the bank and credit card statements, and will be implemented as part of the contract between distributee, pledged to accept. The contract signed between the bank and card transactions, in the installment plan concerning distributee applies. Credit card payment history with the bank is determined by provisions of the contract between distributee. The bank account, the number of payments and payments from the summary also sent distributee may follow.

General conditions

4.1.Distributee, site "and the product is / are the key features, sales price, form of payment, the pickup ilişkin and any other preliminary information and knowledge necessary to declare that it was confirmed in an electronic environment and in these matters.

4.2.The memo, contract to electronically verify distributee front, before contracts, address, sipariş hihke aloofer distributee / consumer, product / product to the basic features of the Turkish lira, including taxes and pay the price, delivery / accurate and complete data confirm that he had made as etmiş olur.

4.3.More than 30 days of legal agreement with the product / s, a product range for each site depending on the site of distributee condition "and the rudiments of released in three business days in an address delivered in person or institution / distributee showed. An additional 30 days written notice to dealers in delivering product in ten (ten) day extension while legal right to keep hidden. Product / service fee payments or unpaid, by any nedenle distributee revoked, bank records and goods / services in the "obligation to get rid of accepted.

4.4.By distributee shipping costs will be paid. The site "delivery, delivery expenses declared in his way if the price of the response to the salesman" and will belong to. If one is in Istanbul in order distributee want "a much verdiği siparişini additional fee, can deliver the same day, a courier company distributee product with" what will be on stage in all sorts of trouble, and because the salesman "by not other reasons, sipariş verilen product distributee surrender to failure because no matter what we are all under the name and reputation can't be responsible.

4.5.The vendor, product quality, solid, complete with the agreement in order to guarantee / documents and manuals and is responsible for, if you have to be delivered.

4.6.The salesman, and the contractual liability distributee before the deadline "to inform and frankly onayını almak kazanabilecek equal in quality and price / psrbs can provide different products.

4.7.The salesman, ordering the product / with the delivery of execution see impossible then agreement to meet obligations unless, that is running out of time to fulfill the contractual liability distributee / consumer "cash and cash lump sum and will eat more than 10 days, in which a total of bedeli distributee" or return it.

4.8.Ürünün/lerin information form for the delivery of electronic confirmation is required. For any reason or the bank records will be revoked if they don't pay the price, product / psrbs dealer to get rid of product liability.

4.9.Credit card belonging to the flaw after ürünün/lerin delivered not in a way of distributee distributee unlawfully unfair, or by use of unauthorized bank or financial institutions about why the price to pay him in the case, product / psrbs be delivered in three days to the product provided distributee zorundadır to return. If it belongs to distributee transport expenses. Otherwise, distributee salesman "is the amount of product with interest he compensated with intention to declare he would accept any kind of way, and a promise.

4.10.The air, and has to stop by the opposition to cuts, which is that we are compelling reasons why the agreement with extraordinary circumstances, if this situation can't deliver the product / süre içinde distributee to inform. The cancellation of the order in that case distributee (I), (ii) if you have to be replaced with the precedent of the agreement and / or (iii) the product / process / antimagic delivery delayed until the extinction of the rights of the situation could use one of the compelling reason. Then don't cancel the order of the total paid distributee within 10 days and paid him cash lump sum. Distributee's "with a credit card payments, in which product / psrbs tutarı, order distributee cancelled by the bank about within 7 days after it has been restored. After this amount of time to process the bank returned to the bank accounts, since it was all about distributee distributee salesman for possible delays, "of any form of intervention would be possible, and salesman by credit card will be reflected by the bank account for the return of distributee salesman" and to know it's not the responsibility of agrees.

In those cases, or about to order the product is exercising his right to give out the recipient's failure to supply or price for various reasons, in an arbitration decisions and extradition cases and decisions made by credit card, credit card transaction if it was made by instalments belirtilmiştir down extradition procedure:

Product price and product returns in order to be paid back only flawed product returns, except that is paid in the cargo fee to pay back state. The amount of your return in order to return the product as a result of a free shipping, according to the price fell under the circumstances of the total result than the amount paid back the remaining balance dream shipping costs will be paid.

The bank purchased the product of "back and pay for it in installments or distributee" distributee can do with the same number of payments. The bank after paying the price the product of all time, the bank's credit card out the recipient's return to the point of the POS harcamaların installment, as the parties involved in the victim in this installment, they requested not to return by the bank accounts can be transferred by pregnant again. Distributee "'s sales to terminate all paid for that payment amounts, if extradition date card account cut dates conflict every month card 1 (a) return defenseis and distributee extradition before forked mortgage sale payments after that, back before he paid the current debt payments are going to get as many as more months and will be dropped.

It was bought with a credit card in return, the bank had done with the goods and services are contractual situation with cash to the customer can't pay. The seller to the bank, credit card payments, and the only time in the price up by the bank, in accordance with the procedure can be done.
The bank account information from wire transfer payment with payment options / EFT return, as consumers take into account consumer spectacle (his name's on the bill is essential that the name of the account) and transfer / EFT şeklinde yapılacaktır.

Default situation and legal consequences

Credit card transactions are done with default distributee, then the bank's own credit card used to do with the fall in card within the framework of the contract will be responsible for the bank and pay interest. The bank can apply the law in this case about; and costs will rise "in all circumstances and can demand from distributee" distributee ücretini proxy for the debt default, then, in the fall of the damage and loss from debt to pay for delayed distributee, agrees.

Right out of contract

Distributee; The product on the sale of ürün/ler himself or the person at the address, in the distant contracts / Enterprise / deadline day from any legal and criminal responsibility in 14 (foreteen) and assuming no justification for refusing to use the product / without presenting contract from the right to give up. Out of contract costs stemming from the right of "what belongs to.

If the cargo fee to use the product due to flawed distributee Cayman otherwise distributee shipping costs are covered by the return of "what belongs to. The salesman "in case the payment of" contracted cargo delivery firm distributee product "in any other cargo firms, will be sent to the rebate with free delivery product distributee" belongs to either.

In 14 days to the right of a contract for Cayman registered mail, or by email notification and product developments in the reply-paid down within the framework of the Sixth Amendment be included in the unused provisions is essential.

To use as a primary dealer credit distributee Cayman "What message must. Then you can use of offshore contract:

One of the agency showed ürünün/lerin distributee "distributee or" / submitted

(i), Bill

Warning: The item that he will get a refund if the extradition was organised by the institution, institutional / bill while with the bill must be sent back to return. The bill will not be completed on behalf of institutions in order to return not interrupted, receipt of returns.

(ii), packaging, varsa standard accessories box

needs to be delivered with as complete and intact.

In 10 days to reach him in the late notification from Cayman salesman, a total of price and the debt buyer distributee documents "and it will take 20 days and will return the product / in return.

Distributee "'s fault stemming from a nedenle product / with the value would be if one or a decrease in the rate of return distributee flaw in" The dangers of restitution edecektir.

If you have the right of the campaign by Cayman due to a contract then as part of this campaign may cost limit under utilized discount amount will be cancelled.

The contract can not be used Cayman ürün/ler

As of quality products to return. disposable products can be copied, software and programs to return the products are not broken or expiration date, the chance of moving fast. In addition to contracts below distributee Cayman can't use it.

  1. a), with consumer approval before the end of the service started with the execution of the time of offshore service contracts.
  2. b) the stock market or the price of goods in other markets the organizational contracts.
  3. c), or openly, in line with consumer demands his personal needs and not suitable to be sent back by the quality of the danger quickly hazırlanan ieakage contracts for delivery of goods or expiration date, which could pass.

The package was opened by consumers, audio or video records be s-o-b) provided computer software programmes and contracts for equipment, said.

  1. d) of long-term contracts for delivery publications like newspapers, magazines.
  2. e) of the lottery of services and the execution of the contracts.
  3. F) and consumer electronic goods and services in the informal surrendered at the time of financial contracts.

The package in order to return the product unopened products lined up down (I), (ii), (iii) (IV) will have to be unused and untested product intact.

All kinds of cosmetic products

Clothing products

All kinds of personal care products

Eclipse the record in delivering product missing case

"Distributee, order more than one product vendor in situations where it can be as posts by nutty-buddy. Distributee product "ününden cargo by a custodian at the surrender of merchandise and dealer is obliged to check on the bill, which was organised by the number of the product is the same. I send the bill for every nutty-buddy separated by the homeless. The bill in the package was found missing or absent menstrual products from a cargo operator is obliged to report takdirde distributee wanting. Otherwise, the bill, which took place in the period by products distributee "or complete and utter surrender and was taken by complete and utter surrender distributee products will be accepted.

The court and the average conflict

In the implementation of the contract, which was announced by the Ministry of customs and trade value distributee as T C, "the product / s bought the place of residence was in charge of the consumer or consumer with delegations from the courts.

The salesman and complaints about objections by the Ministry of Commerce, customs and C, T başvurularını every year, including the monetary limits set in December, the product or bought the residence where the consumer / consumer tribunal or the referee can do it.

Financial information below on the border.

effective date of 28.05.2014:

about consumer protection sayılı couldn law "68. Under the clause in the Turkish lira worth two Grand County, the delegation under the Turkish lira dreitausend tüketici discrepancies in the delegation, was found in the metropolitan status in the provinces of consumer knowledge discrepancies if two thousand Turkish Liras and discrepancies between the cities on three thousand Turkish Liras consumer application the delegation is mandatory. The delegation for the discrepancies can be done on these values consumer applications.


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