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The following conditions mysabella's " (mergöz foot. Fubar. Elk. Paz. It. IH. San. And Tic. Ltd., Inc.) The terms of use of colour. ("site") "A giriş yapmanız or site" and you don't use any information you read this area and conditions, which means you accept. After reading the circumstances, you won't admit that if a judge on "good use.

The site's website "eat entry site," or "the information and data to use nedeniyle contract breach, tort or other reasons based on direct or indirect, which is not responsible for mysabella from harm. As a result of the contract, tort, negligence or other reasons, mysabella ihlal; The process, to stop by mistake to assume any responsibility in respect of the blackout interrupted, neglect, doesn't matter.

And every kind of service, product, available at the site, mysabella site site with the conditions of use "information and need to change without a warning to the site before," Yi reorganizing, will reserve the right to stop the broadcast. The site changes "in the spring right now, I enter into force. "The website or use of" Eat This site changes with the kind of accepted. These conditions applies to other web pages that link.

"The website by user" mysabella eat later in the register, e-mail address or indicated by his mobile phone lines, fixed and updated via SMS, email, letter and other contact information, phone calls and other communications, marketing and other purposes, there is a right to access user yollarla user. A written notice is hereby mysabella accepting the contract unless the user's "against him and accept communication activities outlined above can be found in the statement.

As a result of the contract, tort, negligence or other reasons, mysabella ihlal; Stop by mistake, erasing the blackout interrupted the process, process, the delay, loss, neglect, or communication, communication, a computer virus, theft, destruction or unauthorized use of the mistake, don't accept any responsibility or replacement of entry.

This website mysabella "under control of other Internet sites that link may include or reference. This is not liable for content they contain, or other connections mysabella sites.

This website, mysabella outlook with all the information, "site" in the picture and design, and other brands, domain name, logo, brand mysabella icon, electronics, graphic or machine readable, demonstratif, written in the business and technical data, computer software system, the business model, including the sale method, materials and industrial property rights ("material") and related to them or have a license and is the idea is under legal protection. Any material found on the website. And, without prior permission from the source code and software, including another language may be reproduced, again, cannot be copied, another computer, will be mailed, unpublishable çevrilemez, distributed, transmitted or it can't. Another website cannot be used as a whole or part of the website without permission. Unlike criminal responsibility and requires legal actions. "This is clearly of all rights reserved, other unspecified mysabella

Gift vouchers and discounts on mysabella members, to be sold, traded on the internet, except mysabella systems can't be shared, non-negotiable. The site's "technical explains on the Internet will not be allowed to use coupons offered for sale by means of this gift. Just in your every purchase you can use a gift certificate. Just use discount coupon or gift created for himself and / or active membership at the discretion to cancel MYSABELLA.

Member mysabella "'s services have benefited while the Turkish penal code, Turkish commercial code, ideas and art law, trademark and patent rights protection the law on the decrees, debts and legal arrangements with other relevant legislative provisions mysabella law," regarding reports of any announcement, and to accept publisher services. These reports and a member of any liability for criminal and should be legal, which use illegitemate "belongs to eat.

Membership in the contract and will be determined by the user is hereby mysabella unilaterally by the user account mysabella mysabella outside goals need to "you have to be used in the way to third party damage and / or mysabella" commercial reputation of the user's actions harmed because of the user, users need to cancel your membership, then immediately mysabella against the body is entitled to apply to all kinds of administration.

This solution is in charge of implementing the contract controversy in which courts and Executive Apartments in Istanbul.

The contents of the legal authority to update this page, when he intendeth mysabella warning users to visit the site at the entrance of hidden conditions, and every user page is advice.


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