Mysabella was founded by Merve Muftüoğlu and Gözde Güreralp in October 2012.

Gözde Güreralp, one of the co-founders, continued his education at Koç University's Department of International Relations when the brand was born. Merve Muftüoğlu graduated from Bilkent University, Department of French Banking and Finance, and then studied Interior Architecture at Istituto e Europeo Di Design (IED) in Milan.

Mysabella opened its first showroom in February 2013 in Bebek and took its place in Palmarina Bodrum in April of the same year. He began to tell his story with italian leather handmade sandals decorated by the original Swarovski crystals. Over time, it was positioned as a concept store with a wide range of domestic and foreign design products ranging from beach clothing to accessories in order to create and maintain a braver, innovative and unique brand experience. In December 2018, the new concept store, which includes the gowns of many famous brands in different segments, was added to its structure.

Mysabella's vision is to bring these pieces together with wardrobes by sezering the most trendy parts of the season and to bring their followers to a noticeable elegance every step they take!


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